Colorful band structures with Wien2k

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This is a wrapper script for Maurits Haverkort's SpaghettiPrimavera.f90. It produces the same kind of plots but should provide a simpler interface.

An Example

Suppose we are interested in the t2g and eg contributions of the first inequivalent atom in the struct. A typical command line might be 1:D-t2g:5,0,0:3 1:D-eg:0,0,5:3 -o

Each of the non-option arguments names an atom, an orbital, a color, a thickness increment, and a description for the (optional) legend; these tokens are separated by colons :, and each of them may be empty.

More Information

See the GitHub page, viz. the file for a longer introduction. The wiki has a set of example plots made with


To download, head over to GitHub and get the latest release. needs Python 2, NumPy, F2PY (which is now part of NumPy), and a modern Fortran compiler. I tested it with the following versions: